January 23, 2022



Recruiting (engineering) interviewees – Amazon coupon as a reward

Dear Electronic Engineers,

Dear moderators, I hope it’s okay to post this here.

We’re developing a software to assist you in your work life. To generate the best possible experience for you we want to get a better understanding of your daily life as an Engineer.

We’re looking for participants for virtual interviews. The main topics will be:

– getting to know how your day in working with semiconductors looks like

– how you go about designing products utilizing semiconductors,

– prototyping, developing these products and bringing them to life.

The interview will take place virtually via Teams. It’s going to take approx. 1h. Of course, we value your time. Hence, every participant will receive a 100€ Amazon coupon at the end of our session.

The requirements for participation are:

– You’re currently working as an electronic engineer in software/ hardware development.

– You have to speak English.

– You have to be ok with being recorded in video & audio (the recordings will be handled confidentially and evaluated anonymously).

– You have are available in at least one time slot in this time frame:

– 14th of June – 24th of June

– 8 am – 6 pm UTC+2

Let us know if you are in by contacting me via [marlis.fleischmann@solid-sense.de](mailto:marlis.fleischmann@solid-sense.de) . Please mention your job title and give us a short introduction to your EE background (2 sentences suffice).

We would highly appreciate your support!

Best regards,

Marlis from SOLIDSENSE

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