September 25, 2020

Rally held outside Joliet Police Headquarters after arrest video of man released

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JOLIET, Ill. – A rally was held outside of the Joliet Police Headquarters Friday after an arrest video of a man who later died was released.

The video shows the inside of the Joliet police car on Jan. 28. Eric “BJ” Lurry Jr. was put in the back of the car following a narcotics investigation.

In the nearly seven minute video, it appears Lurry Jr. started chewing something.

After they arrive at the police department, officers try to get Lurry Jr. out of the car. When he’s unable to, an officer slaps him and yells at him. Police then proceed to pinch his nose shut.

“Open your mouth, open your mouth, open your mouth,” police said to him.

Then officers used a baton to try to fish something out of his mouth.

“He didn’t deserve to be slapped,” said widow Nicole Lurry. “He didn’t deserve to have his nose pinched for almost two minutes.”

The Will County State’s Attorney said they won’t press charges after the coroner called it an accidental overdose.

Lurry’s family called it murder.

“I want every last one of them charged,” said mother Ollie Autman. “In prison and charged.”

WGN reached out to the Will County Coroner’s Office to see if they saw the video before making a decision in the case. We did not hear back.

WGN also has not heard back from Joliet police after repeatedly asking them for a statement.