January 20, 2021
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MAYWOOD, Ill. Last month, more than 700 water shut-off notices were mailed in the Village of Maywood, affecting about one in every 10 households.

Now, a businessman who was born and raised in the suburb is helping hundreds in need.

David Scott lost use of his legs in 2000 when he was carjacked and shot in the back while taking a customer on a test drive. Despite the challenges he’s faced, it’s still in Scott’s heart to help others.

“One person can make a difference, and all I want to do is make a difference,” Scott said.

When Scott heard there was a water crisis in Maywood, he sprung into action, working with a village trustee to come up with a water relief fund.

Rosemary Fulton, a senior who is more than six months behind on her water bill, was put in a financial bind when the village raised the water rates.

“We’re on a fixed income, and it’s sort of hard when they raised the rates on anything to fit that into your budget,” Fulton said.

David Scott had donated $10,000 to the fund, and Black Men United pitched in another $5,000. The Village of Maywood has pledged to match all funds donated.

Seniors and those unemployed due to COVID-19 will be the first to receive help. The village expects to post the application for the relief fund on its website next week.