October 26, 2020
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HUNTLEY, Ill. – A Kane County woman is speaking out after her mother died in a Kane County nursing home over the weekend.

Faith Heimbrodt is still waiting for her mother’s COVID-19 test results, which were done after she died.

Heimbrodt’s mother, Carol Orlando, 79, was a resident at Bria of Geneva Nursing and Rehab Center for the last two years.

Her daughter received a call last Thursday saying she wasn’t doing well and that Heimbrodt was allowed to go visit.

“My mom had oxygen to the nose, which she has never had to use oxygen,” said Heimbrodt. “She was in her room and I was surprised there was a roommate.”

She learned the following day that 55 of the 95 residents in the building had tested positive for the virus, but Heimbrodt was told her mother was not tested because she was not showing any symptoms.

On Saturday, she received the call her mother had died and immediately wanted an autopsy.

The company called to get the body told the family they couldn’t because it was labeled COVID-19 positive.

“The coroner shared with me it’s not something they take lightly,” Heimbrodt said. “Where a body would be marked COVID positive when a test was never administered.”

Wednesday, Gov. Pritzker announced that the state is deploying 700 IDPH nurses to assisting at nursing homes across the state.

As Heimbrodt awaits the results of the post-mortem COVID-19 test, she is frustrated and scared for other families whose loved ones are at risk.

“I saw first hand these nursing homes are not equipped their staff is not equipped dropping like flies testing positive can’t go back to work and there’s no replacements,” said Heimbrodt.