August 14, 2020

Chicago text line can help reunite you with lost pet Fourth of July weekend

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CHICAGO – With pets more likely to run off during fireworks, a free text line by the city can help find your lost furry friends.

The country’s 244th birthday is also one of the noisiest for pets.

Chicago Animal Care and COntrol said they see more strays at their shelter around Fourth of July weekend.

“With the fireworks it can startle our pets you’re seeing more get out the door, get lost and wind up at the shelter,” CACC’s Jenny Schueter said.

Due to the spike, a recently implemented service is ready to help find your pet.

You can test LOST to 855-567-8312. Owners will be led through the instructions to follow.

Fetching Tails Foundation funded the program’s launch.

It’ll tell you to go to Lost Dogs Illinois, go to Chicago Animal Control, fill out the paper work, step by step so you get all your ducks in a row and you are reunited with your lost pet,” said Kristen Gottschalk with Fetching Tails Foundation.

CACC said you can set up a special safe space inside your home for your pets during this Fourth of July weekend to reduce your stress.

Since the text line’s launch in December, it’s helped a few hundred pets get home.