December 5, 2020
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CHICAGO – A woman was still inside of a carjacked vehicle when it crashed into an SUV outside of a Buena Park home Tuesday.

Two suspects stole the car in the 800 block of West Windsor and made it about a half mile before crashing into the SUV.

Security footage of Yves Malki’s home showed what happened at around 3:30 p.m. Before that, police said two women in their 20s were unloading their car when one suspect, armed with a gun, demanded the women’s keys.

The other woman was still in the vehicle when the carjackers took out.

Surveillance footage shows the woman struggling with the two suspects after the crash.

“It was a pretty bad crash and the girl was fighting off these criminals with guns pointing at her, it was just an amazing situation,” Malki said. “The energy and the courage this woman had as she fought them off, they ran off and she was fine.”

Police located two people matching the description of the suspects and took them into custody.

Charges are pending.