July 4, 2020
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LAKE FOREST – As many expected, the Bears aren’t about to give another year of contract security to their first round pick from 2017.

Per multiple reports, including Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, the Bears are declining the fifth-year option for quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

The Bears have yet to confirm the move.

Due to Trubisky’s high position in the draft back in 2017, the team would likely have owed the quarterback around $24 million. It was a commitment the team was hesitant to make after a very inconsistent 2019 season and lack of breakthrough during his three seasons with the team.

In March, the team officially opened up their quarterback competition between Trubisky and Nick Foles, who was acquired through a trade with the Jaguars.

This certainly doesn’t mean the end of the road for Trubisky with the Bears, since a strong 2020 season could earn him a new long-term contract with the club. It is an indication, however, that the Bears haven’t seen what they might have hoped out of who they thought would be a franchise quarterback.

After showing good and bad in his first season as a rookie in 2017, Trubisky saw some healthy progress during the 2018 season under then first year head coach Matt Nagy. His completion percentage increased by 7 percent to 66 while throwing 24 touchdowns with 12 interceptions, and even made the Pro Bowl as an alternate.

There were still concerns, however, that Trubisky was still not ready to take a major leap in 2019, and those fears were realized last fall. The quarterback’s completion percentage slipped to 63% with his touchdowns falling to 17 and his yardage falling despite having 82 more pass attempts.

His struggles along with the rest of the group, including some questionable playcalling from Nagy, saw the Bears’ offense fall to 29th in the league in yardage (298.6) and points (17.5).