October 25, 2020
"it spawned a whole new company MagneGas!"
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Welcome to our Thunder Energies Fan Page where our goal is  “To build the largest community of Thunder Energies fans who would eat, drink, breathe for the Thunder Energies Corporation!” Here you will find many videos, articles and images related to all things Thunder Energies!

Now, along the top bar you will find links to Thunder Energies main products such as the:

Directional Neutron Source

Full View
Directional Neutron Source


Dr. Santilli with Hyperfurnace

Santilli telescope

The Santilli Telescope (PRNewsFoto/Thunder Energies Corporation)

And you will also find links to our social media pages. Be sure check out the many videos on our YouTube page which include many of Dr. Santilli’s lectures on IsoMathematics and Hadronic Science!

Dr. Ruggero Santilli

Now, one cannot talk about Thunder Energies without talking about its fearless leader Dr. Ruggero Santilli! So, if you would please look along your right hand side of the website there is a column and within the column are a few videos and many links! Those links connect to other websites that show case Dr. Santilli’s many, many works, achievements, awards and discovered new science and mathematics!

Thunder Energies Corporation and its products are wholly integrated and only made possible by Dr. Santilli’s  scientific discoveries and are only further supported by his many awards, achievements and his great backing within the scientific and academic community.

Here is just an example of the wonderful information you will find in here! Did you know Dr. Santilli discovered a new gas! It is 100% true it is called MagneGas fuel and it spawned a whole new company MagneGas! Click Here For MagneGas

A big special thanks to the whole crew at Thunder Energies!

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