The World Of Hadronic Physics!

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In continuation of the new mathematics discussed in the preceding special issue entitled Foundations of Hadronic Physics and Hadronic Mathematics,

we recall that the Italian-American scientist R. M. Santilli proposed in 1978 the construction of a covering of quantum mechanics called hadronic mechanics, which is solely valid at mutual distances of one Fermi while recovering quantum mechanics identically and uniquely at larger mutual distances. By using the novel iso-, geno- and hyper-mathematics and their isoduals the Hadronic mechanics is divided into isomechanics, genomechanics and hypermechanics for the representation of single-valued, reversible, single-valued irreversible and multi-valued irreversible matter-system or reactions, respectively, with corresponding isodual for antimatter composite systems or reactions.

Thanks to the collaboration of numerous physicists, hadronic mechanics has now received applications and experimental verifications in classical mechanics,

particle physics, nuclear physics, astrophysics, cosmology and other fields. The special issue of the AJMP entitled the Foundations of Hadronic Mechanics shall review some of these applications and present new advances that can potentially stimulate the birth of new technologies. It should be indicated that novel technologies solely predicted by hadronic mechanics have reached industrial applications, such as Thunder Energy Corporation, a U. S. publicly traded company with stock symbol TNRG, that has developed the first laboratory synthesis of neutrons from a hydrogen gas and is now entering into production and sale of the related equipment. Click For More Here

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