May 18, 2022




Optical and XPS studies of BCN thin films by co-sputtering of B4C and BN targets

Boron Carbon Nitride Thin Films: From Disordered to Ordered Conjugated Ternary Materials

Deposition and XPS studies of dual sputtered BCN thin films

Surface composition of BN, CN, and BCN thin films

Corrosion behavior of boron-carbon-nitride films grown by magnetron sputtering

Effects of AlN and BCN Thin Film Multilayer Design on the Reaction Time of Ni/Ni-20Cr Thin Film Thermocouples on Thermally Sprayed Al2O3

Influence of annealing on the optical properties of reactively sputtered BCN thin films

A brief overview of RF sputtering deposition of boron carbon nitride (BCN) thin films

Band gap-Tunable Porous Borocarbonitride Nanosheets for High Energy-Density Supercapacitors,structural%20features%20suitable%20for%20the%20application%20in%20supercapacitors.

Wire Bond Technology: The Great Debate: Ball vs. Wedge,debated%20whether%20to%20use%20ball-%20or%20wedge-bond%20technologies.

Boron Carbide

Boron carbide

Boron Carbide Matrix Composites for Aircraft Friction Materials

Boron Carbide Matrix Composites for Aircraft Friction Materials