May 18, 2022



A Durable, High-Temperature Electronic Integrated Circuit Chip

A Durable, High-Temperature Electronic Integrated Circuit Chip for use in: well logging in the downhole oil and gas industry, the automotive industry and aerospace/avionics industry. This is a stronger high-temperature electronic circuit for MEA or more electric aircraft/automobile. These electromechanical and mechatronic systems place the distributed controls closer to the engine which requires locating sensors, signal conditioning, and control electronics closer to heat sources. Operation at these temperature limits will cause packaging-related failure and silicon-related failure with substrate leakage, decreased carrier mobility, electromigration of metal interconnects, and decreased dielectric breakdown strength. The patent describes an integrated circuit chip, which uses a ceramic package casing made from a strong, non-conducting ceramic material. The IC is connected to connector pins by microcircuits and a custom-formulated bond wire. The bonding wire that contains: an Au—Cu—Ag alloy and is highly reliable with a strong tensile strength at room temperature and high temperature and favorable bond ability. Additionally, the substrates and dielectric components fabricated with a material that has a superior low thermal expansion coefficient, low dielectric constant and high temperature stability which allow these integrated circuits to reduce electro-migration to a minimum, to produce superior radiation hardness, heat resistance, electromagnetic shielding, and to provide resistance to damage from harsh elements and environments. A further, more detailed explanation of the functionality of this invention is available upon request.

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