November 29, 2021



HELP!! Working at a semiconductor factory is KILLING my feet!

I recently got a job at a semiconductor manufacturing facility. In order to preserve and maintain the integrity of the wafers, we work on perforated floors to allow laminar airflow. This is DESTROYING my feet. It basically makes you feel like you’re standing on uneven rocks for 12 hours which is awful. I’ve asked some of the seasoned workers there what they wear to combat the pain but they all have such different answers and I just feel lost and confused on what to do. I’ve tried sneakers and gel insoles and neither one works. I’m convinced my compression socks are the only things that have kept me from collapsing on the job. I’m thinking a pair of firm-soled work boots will allow for my foot to be on a firm, flat surface instead of on the uneven floor but I don’t want to dish out $100+ to be disappointed and in more pain. If anyone has gone through this or has any tips I’d be so happy to hear them.

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