September 25, 2020
"Ruggero worked as a visiting professor at CERN, in Geneva Switzerland, during his time at CERN, Ruggero Santilli also researched on Bose-Einstein’s connection.
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Thunder Energies Family
Thunder Energies Family

Thunder Energies Corporations

formerly known as Thunder Fusion Corporation is located in Tarpon Springs in Florida. The company was established in 2001 with the aim of manufacturing, selling and providing various technological services across the United States.

The company has three major divisions,

the fuel combustion division, nuclear, and optical instruments, some of the equipment’s the company has produced include; hadronic reactors, the Galileo and Santilli telescopes with concave lenses ranging from 70mm, 100mm and 150 mm, the company has also produced HyperFurnaces used for the ignition of fossil fuels. The company has also produced and sold, Directional neutron Source, used to scan suitcases in the airport and help in the detection of nuclear equipment’s.

CEO - Ruggero Santilli
CEO – Ruggero Santilli

For many years the company was headed by Ruggero Santilli, but on October 9th, 2018, Ruggero resigned as the president but continues to serve as the chief scientist, the director as well as the CEO. During his time at the corporation, Ruggero Santilli led to the growth of the company and put it on a global platform as one of the best companies in the production and sale of scientific instruments, not only due to his exceptional leadership skills but also due to his knowledge and prowess in scientific innovations.

One of Ruggero Santilli’s recent works aims at providing clean energies in the 21st energy,

according to Ruggero, many scientists follow procedures and theories created during the 20th century and Ruggero believes it is essential to make changes accordingly as this will help to deal with issues affecting the world in this new era.

Ruggero Santilli’s recent works are focused on making the environment a better place, and one problem affecting the environment today is pollution from not only human activities but also due to unclean energies. As a result, Ruggero is working towards providing clean energies.

Ruggero Santilli’s education and career achievements.

Besides his most recent work in providing clean energies, Ruggero Santilli has also been recognized for various innovations and contributions in the scientists’ world, and his many career achievements have been recognized in making the world a better place, some of Ruggero’s works and achievements include;

Ruggero’s journey dates back to 1963, where he attended Universita degli Studi di Torino, Ruggero majored in mathematics, physics, and chemistry and later completed his studies in 1965. In 1991, Ruggero worked as a visiting professor at CERN, in Geneva Switzerland, during his time at CERN, Ruggero Santilli also researched on Bose-Einstein’s connection.

The awarding by His excellency, Dott. Augustoi Casali, Secretary of State.

The awarding by His excellency, Dott. Augustoi Casali, Secretary of State.

From 1992 to 1995, Ruggero worked as a visiting professor at the Joint Institute for Nuclear research in Russia,

in this institution, Santilli also worked on research projects, and this led to the creation of a hadronic machine and its application in the fusion of the neutron from the hydrogen atom. This project became a great success and have even featured at Thunder Energies Corporations. The creation of the hadronic machine at the Joint Institute for Nuclear research also led to Ruggero Santilli’s big break, and this saw him get a job as the Chief scientist, president and CEO at Thunder Energies Corporations where he has headed since 2001 until his resigning in 2018 to give space to other scientists and leaders.

One of the Thunders Energies Corporation division that goes in line with Ruggero Santilli’s vision for the world is the division of combustion equipment and the HyperFurnaces. This division aims at achieving combustion of fossils with reduced emission of pollutant gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons to mention a few, with the hyper combustion equipment’s and the Hyperfurnaces Thunder Energies Corporation can achieve this.

Burning of fossils fuels

Burning of fossils fuels

The process of combustion.

Before getting into the details on how the machines work, it is essential to have proper knowledge of combustion of fossils, and potential environmental hazards caused. The burning of fossils is easily triggered by a spark available worldwide, the combustion is, however, incomplete leading to gases such as CO, HC, and other hazardous emissions. Which in turn leads to fluctuations in temperatures on earth, the emitted gases are however combustible, but not combusting them is the cause of danger on the environment. Ruggero Santilli’s work as the chief scientist at the thunder energies corporation was to ensure the gases emitted are fully combusted as this will help in controlling the temperatures, in turn, minimizing the dangers.

To achieve this, Ruggero introduced the aspect of HyperFurnaces and Hyper combustion as well as Magnecular combustion.

Ruggero Santilli and a Hadronic Reactor
Ruggero Santilli and a Hadronic Reactor

Success of the magnecular combustion.

Magnecular burning has been a success and experiments have shown complete combustion of the gaseous fuel, (Magnegas), after the combustion of Magnegas, there are no traces of CO or any other harmful gases. The success of magnecular combustion was achieved due to the chemical structure of the gas, Magnegas has a weaker bond than that of molecular fuels as well as a flame temperature higher than the conventional fuels.

HyperFurnaces and HyperCombustion.

The HyperFurnaces and HyperCombustion project is yet to be achieved as it requires more funding, however since Ruggero is still the chief scientist there are hopes that this project will go through. The HyperCombustion project came as a result of the success of the Magnegas combustion, and Ruggero’s desire is for complete combustion of hazards gas during the ignition of fossils.

The HyperFurnaces and HyperCombustion as the name suggests

are active making them fast and more effective, Ruggero’s idea is to increase the voltage, and have high rapid discharges leading to the hyper sparks, as a result achieving higher temperatures for combustion. With high temperatures, the fossils are not expected to burn completely eliminating any production of contaminations. Besides producing high temperatures, this project is also focused on ensuring that the temperatures do not causes harm.

Despite Ruggero’s resignation as the president his work as the chief scientist is cut out for him, Ruggero’s scientific achievements have over the years made earth a better place, and he has also given new scientist the courage to make a difference. Ruggero’s legacy will live on, and as we wait for the success of Hyper furnaces, our hope is for more and greater projects that make this world safer for generations to come.