July 5, 2020

IsoMathematics at the Foundation of the new technologies being developed by Thunder Energies Corporation

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Some very interesting cutting edge new Technologies are being developed by Thunder Energy Corporation and according to Dr. Santilli, “Our new mathematics has permitted the construction of a non-unitary overseeing of quantum mechanics, known as hadronic mechanics and of quantum chemistry known as hadronic chemistry, that recover 20th century theories for all mutual distances of particles bigger than their wavepackets or charge distributions” (http://www.santilli-foundation.org/docs/hadronic-math-mec-chem.pdf).

Dr. Santilli added, “I was grateful to Dr. Florian Kongoli, organizer of Sips 2015, for the opportunity to present our advances to so many distinguished colleagues and to create scientific and industrial awareness of and interest in the new technologies being developed by Thunder Energies Corporation.”

So, what are these new technologies! Welcome the Santilli Thermal Neutron Source , the Santilli HyperFurnace and the Santilli telescope! IsoMathematics is at the center and foundation of these new technologies developed by Thunder Energies Corporation. Each will revolutionize their respective fields of application.