Thunder Energies Announces New Smart Phone Telescopes

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200MM TEC Santilli Telescope - Smart Phone Telescopes will be much, much smaller!!!

200MM TEC Santilli Telescope – Smart Phone Telescopes will be much, much smaller!!!

Thunder Energies Corporation (a publicly traded Company at the OTC: QB) announced today.

a Cooperation Agreement with Zhengzou Union Optics Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou City, China, for development of a consumer-oriented pair of conventional and isodual small telescopes  connected to smart phones or computers.  (Isodual light is popularly known as antimatter light.)

Dr. R. M. Santilli, Thunder Energies CEO and Chief Scientist, states:

“Following the development of our pair of conventional and isodual telescopes for astronomical observations , we have been diligently working at the development of a  consumer oriented pair of small telescopes. Thanks to the continued collaboration by Zhengzou Union Optics Co., Ltd, Zhengzhou City, China , we have been able to solve major technical problems  of adapting our isodual scopes to a smart phone. We are now developing a pair of conventional and isodual scopes  that can be attached to a smart phone or to a computer via WiFi.”

“It was popularly believed for centuries that objects do not exist unless we can see them with our eyes or with a Galileo telescope. Things are much different at the dawn of the third millennium because we know nowadays that  crafts can achieve complete invisibility via the manipulation of the emitted light,” Dr. Santilli explains…

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Source: Thunder Energies (OTCQB:TNRG) Announces Cooperation Agreement with Chinese Optics Company to Develop New Consumer Telescopes

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