July 4, 2020


Nobel Prize Nominee Dr. Ruggero Santilli presents a fascinating, important, passionate full spectrum packed show explaining all about nukes, neutrons
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Nobel Prize Nominee Dr. Ruggero Santilli…

presents a fascinating, important, passionate full spectrum packed show explaining all about nukes, neutrons, and the relevance of this one of his inventions that make it possible now to detect nuclear weapons even smuggled in suitcases, and much more. Dr. Santilli takes on an R&D journey of inventors and truth tellers like himself, who experience discrediting even if backed by mathematics and science, often with the kind of controversies that sometimes accompany change itself. How some with vested interests and beliefs of old are waking up to invest in new sciences and projects like his for a better sustainable future, and our survival.

He discusses the possible dual uses of technologies and conscious choices being made and that can be made by, with our support, country leaders, and heads of corporations and militaries. Dr. Santilli shares his intimate journey from his heart, including how to build, verify, and gain acceptance of new sciences as world cooperation is expanding and connecting to the cosmos realities. He moves us from his own discoveries and great international collaborations, information and the significance of knowing about the birth of a star, to how to come to a state of national and world security and defense based on new cooperative scientific and technological ventures around the world.


Dr. Santilli speaks to world leaders in this interview.

For example, he talks of how a leader can initiate a new scientific and technological renaissance by just imposing scientific ethics I existing institutions, and disbursing public funds for our future into scientific and space-related departments, and more…with a new vision and new sciences. He gives examples of new technologies and possible applications of them, using his Thunder Energy Corporation works, of which he is CEO and Chief Scientist. To hear this super awarded expert discuss technologies stemming out of new sciences is worth every minute of this rare show.

(Note previous show: Invisible Terrestrial Entities: Carol Rosin with Dr. Ruggero Santilli, May 27th, 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9om9… ) Respectfully, American Freedom Radio looks forward to future shows with Dr. Santilli and also with Carla Santilli. Go to http://www.thunder-energies.com for important updates and news, new products and reports that will help inspire young and old around this world to get into the fields of science to help heal us and our environments, and stimulate new conscious ways of thinking and decision making.

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