Five Things You Should Know About Ruggero Santilli

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Ruggero Santilli at work!

Ruggero Maria Santilli is widely recognized for being the pioneer of the isodual mathematics revolution, for being the CEO of Thunder Energies and for founding MagneGas., via which he launched MagneGas Fuel back in 2007, changing the market forever. However, his life has been as interesting as any book or movie with many surprises, accolades and discoveries.

Here are just a few things you may not know!

  • Prof. Santilli first achieved the only known reformulation of Newton, Galileo and Einstein theories for point-like antiparticles in vacuum thanks to his novel isodual mathematics.
  • He also received the 2016 Fray International Sustainability Award
  • Prof. Santilli also founded MagneGas Corporation based of his discovery of MagneGas Fuel.
  • The town of Capracotta where Ruggero Maria Santilli was born on September 8, 1935 holds the world record for snow fall a 100 inches in 18 hours

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