Scientists Confirm Santilli Detection of Antimatter Galaxies, Cosmic Rays and Asteroids

Tarpon Springs, Florida, January 16, 2015 (PRWEB)

January 16, 2015

Pamela Fleming, Executive Vice President of Thunder Energies Corporation, a Florida based company whose stock has recently initiated trading Over the Counter with symbol TNRG, announces that three astrophysicists, S. Beghella-Bartoli from Italy, P. M. Bhujbal from India, and A. Nas from the U.S.A., have independently confirmed the first detection in history of antimatter galaxies, antimatter cosmic rays and antimatter asteroids achieved by the Italian-0American scientist Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli following half a century of research via the use of a revolutionary telescope with concave lenses specifically designed and patented for the detection of light emitted by antimatter (

Lens doublets for matter and antimatter light used in Galileo and Santilli telescopes

“During my Ph. D. studies in physics at the University of Torino, Italy, in the mid 1960s, I became interested in ascertaining whether a far away galaxy is made up of matter or of antimatter,” Dr. Santilli states, “I soon realized that20th century physical theories were inapplicable (rather than violated) for the study of antimatter galaxies due to the lack of a classical conjugation from neutral matter galaxies to their neutral antimatter counterpart. This insufficiency set the need for a scientific journey that lasted for half a century. When I was at the Department of Mathematics of Harvard University in the late 1970s, I had to build first a new mathematics specifically conceived for the classical representation of neutral or charged antimatter bodies, today known as Santilli isodual mathematics, Then, I had to build the isodual conjugate of 20th century physical theories, including the reformulation of special and general relativities for antimatter, and verify their compatibility with all available experimental data” (

Streak of darkness from an antimatter galaxy in the Santilli telescopeStreak of darkness from an antimatter galaxy in the Santilli telescope

Streak of darkness from an antimatter galaxy in the Santilli telescope

“Following these basic studies,” Dr. Santilli continues, ” in the early 2000, I was able to identify the new physical laws of the isodual optics for antimatter light, by discovering that the transition from matter to antimatter requires the conjugation of all features of conventional optics, thus including the conjugation of the conventional, positive angle of refraction of light into a negative angle of refraction. By remembering that the Galileo telescope for the detection of matter galaxies uses ‘convex’ lenses due to the positive angle of refraction of light, I was finally able to build a new telescope for the detection of antimatter galaxies, now known as Santilli telescope, with ‘concave’ lenses because required by the negative angle of refraction” (

Streak of light from a matter galaxy in  the Galileo telescope

Streak of light from a matter galaxy in the Galileo telescope

“In this way, after a fifty year long scientific journey,” Dr. Santilli concludes, “the new telescope with concave lenses allowed me to publish in 2014 a paper in a refereed journal announcing the detection, for the first time in scientific history, of antimatter galaxies, antimatter cosmic rays, and antimatter asteroids, which detection was subsequently confirmed by two different teams of scientists. Thunder Energy Corporation is now organizing the production and sale of various types of Santilli telescopes under trademark and patents pending) to initiate a systematic study of antimatter galaxies in the universe that will require the participation of scientists the world over. In closing, allow me to recall that Earth has been devastated in the past by antimatter asteroids although with less frequency of matter asteroids due to gravitational repulsion of antimatter by Earth’s gravitational field. Therefore, I hope that these studies will attract the participation also of our Military because, in the event our Country is hit by an antimatter asteroid the size of a football, all our civilian, industrial and military communications will be disrupted for days due to the extreme radiations caused by the annihilation of antimatter asteroids in our atmosphere.” (

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Pamela Fleming
Thunder Energies Corporation

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