DESCRIPTION TEC-­‐DNS-­‐3Z is an equipment producing on demand neutrons synthesized from a commercially available hydrogen gas via a new process based on a high voltage DC discharge between a pairof submerged electrodes (International patent pending).

Neutrons are produced predominantly in the desired direction with the desired flow and energy. The directionality of the neutron flux is achieved by flowing the hydrogen through its synthesizing process. The desired values of the neutron flux and energy are obtained via the control of the hydrogen pressure, the control of the voltage of the synthesizing process and the control of the energy of the discharge. TEC-­‐DNS-­‐3Z is specifically designed to produce neutrons with “low energy and flux” so as to allow the use of the equipment in areas open to the public with proper shielding and remote controls. Neutron sources with high flux and energy can be produced on demand. TEC-­‐DNS-­‐3Zincludes a special chamber for the research on irradiations.

The primary uses of TEC-­‐DNS-­‐3 Z are: university and corporate laboratories for research; detection in airports of concealed nuclear material *(Uranium 235 etc.) via the detection of the disintegration of some of their nuclei caused by neutron irradiation; identification of the presence and concentration of precious metals in mining operations via the detection of gammas emitted in their transmutation; scanning of large naval welds; and other applications.

Since Thunder Energies Corporation has no nuclear facilities at this writing, the equipment is produced in the U. S. A. under federal regulations as a gas ionization equipment and then shipped to an associate in Europe with full nuclear facilities for its completion into and tests as a Directional Neutron Source.


1) POWER UNIT: 12 KW with variac allowing operations from 5 to 20 kV;

2) CAPACITORS: two capacitors for 20 kV and 100 micro Farads;

3) HYDROGEN PUMP: blower powered by a shielded motor with variable speed;

4) HYDROGEN: commercially available hydrogen with purity of 98%;

5) HYDROGEN specifications: Operating pressure around10 psi and flow of10 to 20 cubic feet per minutes

6) NEUTRON ENERGY: from 10 to 100 KeV;

7) NEUTRON FLUX: 10 to 25 neutron CPS per square inch on an area of 2 square feet at 3 feet distance.

8) DETECTORS: Ludlum neutronand gamma detector Model 375; Berkeley Nucleonic Sam 940; hydrogen detector; other detectors.

9) REMOTE MONITORING AND CONTROL STATION:includes remote display of: neutron and gamma counts of the detectors Ludlum Model 3375 and Berkeley Nucleonics 940; hydrogen pressure and flow; torque, speed and gap of the electrodes with data in inches and millimeters; alarm; other dials.

TERMS OF SALE COST: $499,000 (four hundred ninety-­‐nine thousand US dollars), 50% is requested to be wire transferred at the time of the order; the balance of 50% is paid following completion of the construction, inspection and acceptance of its operation at TEC facilities in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Packing and transportation costs are paid by the buyer. No shipment can be done without payment in full.

DELIVERY TIME: 6 months from TEC reception of the 50% down payment.

NOTES: The Directional Neutron Source TEC-­‐DNS-­‐3Zis individually built per specifications requested by the buyers, in which case, the above specifications do not necessarily apply.

EXPERIMENTAL VERIFICATION Richard Norman, Anil A. Bhalekar, Simone Beghella Bartoli,Brian Buckley, Jeremy Dunning-­‐Davies, Jan Rak, Ruggero M. Santilli” Experimental Confirmation of the Synthesis of Neutrons and Neutroids froma Hydrogen Gas, American Journal of Modern Physics, Vol. 6(4-­‐1), page 85-­‐104 (2017)http://www.santilli-­‐foundation.org/docs/confirmation-­‐neutron-­‐synthesis-­‐2017.pdf

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